Hjalti Freyr Kristinsson / Kris

From young age I was always an eager student of self-development, self-awareness and healing, as well as being very technically adapt. Starting early on to practice intuition, meditation and many types of healing methods, I began developing various skillsets in helping people find their way to a better and higher realization of understanding, inner balance and self awareness.

With one foot in the world of self-awareness and -development, I had the other foot in the world of multimedia and internet, beginning early on in the broadcast & TV-production industry which further evolved into working with website development and everything related to that, which combined all the different aspects of technical fields I was already enjoying, and I soon began to help businesses and professionals with their online needs.  With over 20 years of experience with website development, along with focus on personal development, holistic empowerment and raising awareness, I was already using various approaches and methods and versatile skills in my work.

Being a massage therapist (since year 2000) I developed my own type of deep-relaxation massage, which includes a special combination of muscle work, alpha/theta-based relaxation, energy-healing, meridian-energizing, acupuncture, sound-healing and intuitional counseling (verbal healing).

The meditational work really took off when I became an instructor in meditation (Silva UltraMind ESP System), which I have shared in a number of live events, as well as offering seminars where people learn to use their minds better.  With an ever-growing list of more studies and practices, I was practicing various deeper parts of meditation and self-awareness resulting in custom-made courses for special groups and private sessions.

A strong urge to combine meditation and healing with more focused therapy work, I  began to study hypnotherapy and brainwave entrainment, bringing forth new levels of manifesting transformational energy. It also included learning Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) which I was also offering as personal sessions.

That further led me to become a certified ICF Coach and combined that with my intuitive approach for igniting a deeper connection for people within themselves. I offer private sessions (face-to-face or online through Skype or Zoom) as well as lectures and seminars, and am currently publishing online programs focused on improving people’s lives with higher self-awareness and meditation.

Alongside the healing and mind development work, I have also been consulting and assisting people and businesses with their technical needs online, as well as all kinds of online systems used for practical business and marketing automation.

My home country is Iceland, but in the summer of 2020 I moved with my wife and 3 kids to Spain, where we currently live, and I keep on doing my services globally with the wonderful thing called internet.

My full name is Hjalti Freyr Kristinsson, but I often use “Kris” to make it easier for non-icelandic people to communicate with me 😉

I can be reached at +354 898 8881 (CET timezone) and email hjalti@ljoseind.is

Trainings and certifications

ICF Advanced Coaching Training, Evolvia 2018
LifeWorks University Leadership Program, 2018
ICF Coaching Training, Evolvia, 2018
Excellerated Business School for Global Entrepreneurs (BSE), D.Cordova, 2017
Various specific courses by MindValley / Evercoach, T. Harv Eker, Ted McGrath, 2017-2018
Training in self-awareness, sensing abilities, energy work and mind expansion by Higher Balance Institute, 2005-present day
Advanced Self Hypnosis, Eugen Goriac, 2014
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Level1&2, Dolores Cannon, 2013
Yagerian/Subliminal Hypnosis, Edwin Yager, 2013
Parts Therapy Hypnosis, Roy Hunter, 2013
Clinical Hypnosis Diploma + Advanced, Icelandic school of Hypnosis/Dáleiðsluskóli Íslands, 2013
One Command Executive Success Coaching certification, Asara Lovejoy, 2013
Silva Ultramind ESP System instructor training, Alex G. Silva, 2004
Dale Carnegie certification, 2004
Icelandic school of thereputic massage, 1999-2000
Phoenix seminar certification, Brian Tracy, 1995
And almost endless list of various other courses and trainings in pshycich abilities, energy awareness, mediumship, energy work, healing, Qi Gong, Yoga, Aikido, self awareness, communication, IT, business, marketing, entrepreneurship etc. etc. to the present day.

– Always learning something more and hopefully never quit 😉
It’s all about remembering. experiencing, being, loving.