It happened!!!
Through many steps of “coincidental” guidance, I am now a co-author of published book… a long-awaited milestone for me to accomplish, one of many to come. The book’s title is AWAKENING STARSEEDS: DREAMING INTO THE FUTURE and is published by Radhaa Publishing House.

My chapter in the book is about a topic very close to my heart, and sets a heartful ignition of my future projects. I can’t help but being a bit shy of exposing myself like this to the world, but we are all participants in this journey called life, and up to each and every one of us to find, discover and shine our light ?.
I called my chapter “An empath’s key to transformation” and in short is about how I discovered how I was feeling and often absorbing the feelings from everyone around me, how it was affecting me quite negatively (usually without me realising it) and how I began to transform that into my strengths.

The book is Out NOW on Amazon here:
I’d love to hear back from you after/if you check it out and I would really appreciate if you can write a few honest comments about the book and/or my chapter, if you are able to check out the book.