Being in control of your own life

Allow the true flow of love to lead

There is nothing to fear than the fear itself. Fear is the enemy, the last one to conquer. Do not fear. Surrender everything to wisdom and the love that reveals in the divine law. Do your best. Be true and honest and loving in human communication. Allow the love to lead your heart and life.
– White Eagle

Here comes a short contribution to higher awareness about ourselves and who we are.

The highest joy

There are always more and more people discovering that they really have no clue about where they are heading in their life. What are the higher goals in people’s lifes? What do they really want to do in their life? Many find their highest joy in getting drunk every weekend trying to have fun. The only way for some is to forget themselves, either through chemicals and/or heavy drinking or by outbursts of violence. What is it that people don’t find in their life to fulfill their soul’s hunger throughout their life, in their existence today? What is missing? Whose responsibility is it to find it? There are many ways to get closer to your goals, to find your true life’s joy and inner glow to get closer to the higher purpose of your life. Who wants to rip themselves up and away from the comfort zone of no changes and get to the real core of where you truly want to go and achieve? Who can really afford not to?

Who am I?

Who are we? Where are we going? How is our life? What goals to we have for our future? Do we know where we are headed? Do we truly know what our destination is? Have we ever sat down and really thought it to the end, what do we really want out of the life we are living here today? What are our deepest desires and needs? Is our situation today anywhere close to where we have wished our life would become? If we don’t feel our life is providing us with the joy and happiness we have longed for, what is really standing in the way? Are there any special reasons blocking us from achieving what we have longed for or want to make happend in our life? Have we become so stuck that we feel that nothing will ever change from now on and we are just forced to accept whatever we have and give up and attempt to fight for any kind of change, from whatever we have gotten used to live with?

It’s your own responsibility
to find your own mission in this life!

Inner awareness

Have we thought about how our life will be in the future, considering the path we are on right now? Do we like the answer to that? Are the results filled with joy, happiness and life’s fulfillment? Do we feel an inner joy and happiness when we think about our future and the goals we have already reached? Why don’t many of us often find the sheer feeling of joy when thinking about what we are seeking in life? Who hasn’t asked him/herself the question, why he/she shouldn’t truly enjoy to exist and live the life in the best possible and imaginable way? Of course there are many who discover their goals in life early and concentrate all their energy and will to get ahead, closer to achieving their goal, closer to achieving the calling they felt an true inner calling to reach. This honest self-acknowledgement of what one has found as their life’s mission. The inner assurance that life is fabulous and can really provide everything we wish for. That is the real key to success in life and confidence we have for knowing that we will so truly get further along the path of personal development which life guides us through and gradually heightens our awareness of existence.

Maintain responsibility and be happy

We find that it is ourselves that truly matter. We, ourselves, yourself, create our own success in life. Our own way to a “better” life. Let’s allow ourselves to be convinced that we have the world in our hands and we can truly do whatever we are interested in. We finally realise that we can lead our own life. Ourselves that have the ultimate power of decision what our life becomes, where we are headed and how we are going to make use for our own right to exist here in this physical dimension of life on earth. It’s our responsibility to find our mission in life. It’s our responsibility to keep at it. It’s our responsibility to seek our goals. If we don’t follow our own heart’s will and don’t work towards our own goals, we will only end up helping someone else achieving their own goal, according to their own will and level of understanding. Be yourself.

Our life is ours to live, learn, share with others and grow.

As by the words and song of Lenny Kravitz; Let love rule

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