What are you thinking about, right now?

Like the universal law of attraction, whatever we put our focus on will automatically become more empowered, whether it is something the mind has subconsciously kept attached to or something we are thinking constantly about. If you focus energy better by thinking positively towards everything around you, towards persons who irritate you, towards the situations you avoid to find yourself in, towards the things which you would normally worry about, interestingly enough, things tend to change, for the better.

Everything somehow becomes easier and more joyful. Even that particular person who always needs to have an attitude around you, stops it, and begins to speak to you with respect. It can be so unbelievable, but a positive mindset can actually do wonders for those who know this method. But sadly, this can also work the other way around. If we think negatively towards everything around us, it often works similar as when pouring gasoline on fire. Everything becomes impossible. Nothing seems to work in one’s favour. Everyone seems boring, tired or irritated around us.

Let’s repeat a previous remark; Whatever we put our focus (energy) on will automatically become more empowered, whether it is positive or negative. But why cling to the negative? Why do so many people hold on tight to what belongs to the past? People are living now. Is it worth it to spend valuable time of our life up to our necks in negative pits of dirt or other barriers blocking us from a healthy, joyful and loving life? What do we really gain from lying stuck in the shackles of the past or in the realms of negativity? How are we supposed to ever get ahead towards higher balance and self development if we let negative things like that possess our mind and soul? Wouldn’t it be much wiser to enjoy existence and the beautiful life we habe been allowed to live?
In spite of all the traumas and difficulties we have experienced along the way, we can’t be anything else than thankful for all the lessons we have also gathered and learned at this point in our life. We are rich of experience and have the capability share our wisdom and guidance in the fields we now have first hand experience with ourselves, to benefit and help others in their own path to a higher balance and further evolution.

Quiet the mind to focus energy and become super calm

The key to balance in everything in our life is the stillness of mind. With incremental training and inner will, we can achieve that state of mind to be able to see things in our life in a totally different perspective than we are used to every day. We obtain total outer and inner relaxation, and our mind unites with our self awareness again. The whole picture of our current life situation today reaches our deep level of understanding and we finally see what has always been dwelling in our minds but has until now been out of reach becouse of life’s distractions and barriers, outside and inside, and therefore unobtainable to fathom the wholistic context of our life’s process. With the deep understanding of issues that have until now been causing us negative feelings or thoughts, it is now possible to transform the most amazing areas of our life’s view and realisation, meaning our own level of understanding of who we are and what we are doing here.

Quiet mind = better focus = more energy = deeper awareness

There are many ways to help quiet the mind, to train the stillness of the mind. We can relax with tranquil music, meditate (whatever method works best for you), exercise all kinds of physical workout that work towards balancing mind and body (Yoga, Tai Chi, Aikido, Native american dances, Chi Gong etc), find ourselves some fun hands-on creativity (to spark our creativity brain into action), find some interesting topics to read about to stimulate the brain positively, go out for a walk regularly (preferably in the nature), practice breathing (make good use of the lungs), think happily and lovingly towards everyone around us, and many other similar things alongside these methods.

Always be on guard regarding events taking place around you. Act correctly and appropriately when you really need to. Find the mind’s harmony which grows more and more in accordance with how much you surrender to the positive flow of life. Be mindful of how your confidence, self respect and awareness piles up and becomes stronger, more comprehensive and extensive, liberalized, enduring, more focused, calmer, more tolerant, easier, joyful, outgoing and honest – and all of the cooperating factors reach the rock steady balance.

Everything is energy.


The journey to self discovery has begun.

ps. your new motto is “focus energy on everything that is good and helpful”


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