I’m happy to announce the pre-launch of the book “Awakening Starseeds: Dreaming into the Future, Vol. 3”, now available on Amazon Kindle Store. I’m honored to be one of the co-authors of the book, which is a collaborative book published by Radhaa Publishing House, curated by Radhaa Nilia.

I have already been creating/authoring training programs and online courses, along with various articles and lectures, but this marks the first milestone for me as a published author.

I feel so lucky to be included in this book that contains wonderful chapters from Jose Ajpu Munoz, Sabine Messner,  Maya Verzonilla, AKA Maya The Shaman, Deo Palma, Leslie Allyn Finkel, Caroline Seckinger, Misty Pennington, Michael Barrios, Michelle Woodruff, Byron Bradley Carrier, Patricia Wald-Hopkins, Sarah Eaglewoman, Aros Crystos, Jason Shurka and Ricky Peterson AKA Rsi.

Here is the back cover description:

A clash of ideals and the pinnacle of human crisis, drama, and gloom seem to loom for all of civilization. A time when the world’s power structures begin to crumble before our eyes, a great unraveling, unlike anything we’ve known before. In disbelief, the hearts of humanity are breaking wide open, causing an astounding awakening in souls across the lands. Many are not just waiting for the perfect moment or savior, but dreaming into possibilities of what can be realized when we come together in Unity. Our hearts beat together with a desire for a better future. One that we know in the depths of our being is not just possible but promised. Join the voices of the indigenous elders, the healers, visionaries, futurists, and dreamers gathering at the roundtable of Awakening Starseeds as we collectively Dream into the Future. 

The book is available now on Amazon Kindle Store at a special introductory price, which will rise gradually until the formal launch date at August 8th, 2022.

I would be truly honored if you could get the book and leave a review, and or let me know how you like it. My chapter’s topic is very closea and dear to myself personally, exploring my discoveries as an empath, how I learned to transform my senses from being too fragile into strength and higher awareness, learning how to thrive in a world full of energy attacks and imbalances of various kinds, and creating and maintaining balance in myself, using my previous weaknesses as my biggest strengths.