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6 week training program for empaths and highly sensitive people

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6 week training program for empaths and highly sensitive people

A specialized program with training videos, private coaching, meditations & energy exercise plan to maximize results.

  • You will dedicate 5-30 minutes per day (important to transform your habits and mindset).
  • Watch a few short and concise training videos from Hjalti every week.
  • Do meditations mixed with easy & fun energy exercises.
  • You will practice your calmness, your inner listening and grow your own energy consciousness, your inner senses and intuition.
  • You will practice various applications of your spiritual activities and energy awareness into your daily 3D life.
  • Discover deeper and stronger focus with your various senses.

You get access to the Conscious app with easy access to all the training material, soundscapes and meditations.

You will have 3 private coaching/consulting sessions with Hjalti (1 hour each on Zoom) on your own topic of choice (or a deeper dive into your own real-life experiences dealing with energy)

Hjalti will also create your own personalized meditation soundtrack, including your own statements of choice, to empower the manifestation of your own personal goals and dreams.