Awakening Starseeds: Vol 3: Dreaming Into the Future

The first co-authored book by Hjalti Kristinsson.



The Awakening Starseeds Book Series is an ongoing, multi-year-long global collaboration project featuring a new collection of visionary authors pioneering the New Earth in every consecutive volume. Think Harry Potter for readers at the cutting edge of consciousness. As old paradigm structures are crumbling and millions of people are gripped by fear and despair, a wave of awakening Souls and Starseed spans the globe, spreading the message of freedom, renewal, and the promise of a great Neo-Renaissance for humanity. Chapter by chapter, readers find themselves inspired to think beyond their old, ingrained belief systems and reach into their hearts and minds to step into the future they’ve always dreamed of.

“Dreaming Into The Future” features a Galactic Mayan Cosmologist from Guatemala, a 4th generational Lemurian Shaman from the Philippines, the descendent of the Great Native American Warrior Geronimo, and authors from all walks of life and Worldwide. One thing they all have in common is the drive and desire to ignite a better future. Join the voices of the indigenous elders, visionaries, healers, futurists, and dreamers gathering at the roundtable of Awakening Starseeds.

Get to know the Authors: Maya Verzonilla, aka Maya The Shaman, Jose Ajpu Munoz, Sabine Messner, Deo Palma, Radhaa Nilia, Leslie Allyn Finkel, Caroline Seckinger, Misty Pennington, Michael Barrios, Michelle Woodruff, Byron Bradley Carrier, Patricia Wald-Hopkins, Hjalti Freyr Kristinsson, Sarah Eaglewoman, Aros Crystos, Jason Shurka, Ricky Peterson, aka Rs’i.

Curated by Radhaa Publishing House: