Silva Centering Exercise

The ultra multi-effective relaxation method developed by Jose Silva, which is the core meditation of Silva Method and Silva Ultramind Systems, already used by millions of people worldwide.

It helps you train your mind and body to relax down to deeper states of relaxation. This meditation can help you to strengthen your inner balance and deep relaxation levels. It can also empower your intuition and  senses, support better sleep and overall health. Works great for working with manifestation, law of attraction, and so much more.

In the background you will hear the gentle tapping of alpha soundwave (at 10 hz) which can help you to reach and strengthen your deep relaxation level at alpha brainwave frequency.
Length: 25 min.

This is a slightly modified version, but 99% the same as tought and presented by Silva Ultramind International.  This meditation is guided by Hjalti Kristinsson, a certified Silva Ultramind ESP System instructor.

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You can get access to this same meditation, and other versions of it (with stronger sound mix and also with theta soundwaves) in the Conscious app, available to you now.
With the app, it is easy for you to use this practical and powerful exercise / meditation whenever and wherever you are.