How are you feeling – now ?

We have to be more self aware about the outside factors that are influencing us every day. There are many different things that are affecting us in varying degrees. For comparison, lets look at a few issues that are often used to measure stress levels with people.

– Do you feel stuck in the web of circumstances which you can’t change?

– Is it difficult for you to speak to other people?

– Do you spend a lot of time worrying about the future?

– Do you hold back your opinions if you think it might offend others?

– Do you cancel doing what you like if it doesn’t comply with what others want?

– Do you procrastinate to the last minute becouse you want to avoid the possible difficulties that goes along with it?

– Do you easily lose control of your temper?

– Do you have a hard time coping with tense situations?

– Do you cry easily?

– Do you never have time for yourself?

– Don’t you feel you have a sanctuary at home?

– Do you feel guilty for not providing enough for your family?

– Do you feel bad about how little time you have to spend with your friends?

– Are you overwhelmed at work?

– Do you feel constant distractions ruining your level of concentration?

– Are you bored with your work?

– Do you feel your talents or abilites are not appreciated?

– Do you feel like time is running away from you?

– Do you often lose control of your temper becouse there never seems to be enough time to finish the ongoing projects?

– Are you always in a hurry?

– Is it easy to get you off balance?

– Do you have a hard time to relax?

– Are you just plain and simple tired of being stressed all the time?

It is often difficult for us to become aware of the things that make us feel bad and really causing the stress. It often isn’t realised until someone else begins to talk about it, or if we notice someone around us showing similar “symptoms” or behaviour. But what are we doing to discover these behavioural patterns within ourselves? Do we think it’s too hard to try to change whatever has already set itself stuck tightly within us, OR do we make a decision to do something about it and see to it that something will be changed to the better?

Messages from the body indicating stress

So now the question rises again, what do we really want? We feel the excitement as well as the tension load up if we think about anything that creates inner worries or stress. We get the tightness in the stomach, a heavy headache, feel drained etc. Our mind doesn’t feel at ease becouse of the imbalance around us and also in our bodies becouse of the outside stress. But why not just listen to our body’s messages and begin to act accordingly to them, and that way begin to cut down the rising stress levels as well as the possibly too high blood preassure.

If we fall and hurt ourselves, we usually feel a pain in that area. That is the body telling us what areas need nurturing and healing. Those areas that need treatment use the way of the pain to ask for attention to be assisted back to a healthy state. As for our physical health, this kind of notification system works also for our mental health. It has been stated that everything that goes on within us mentally, will eventually manifest itself physically, specially if it is strong enough.

Do yourself a big favor and remember to listen to your body, next time it shouts for attention, using any of the ways and methods it is capable of using to communicate with you.




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