The Conscious app includes a rising collection of various soundscapes, with embedded alpha and theta brainwave sounds, guided meditations and sounds of nature. You can use this to help you connect with your own balance state, for inner calmness, confidence, awareness, focus, healing, deep meditation and so much more.

With an easy to use app like this in your smartphone, you can use it as a practical tool in your daily life, whenever the need arises. Of course it’s best to give yourself the precious gift of self-time & meditation, daily, when it fits into your schedule (or even better, just make your day fit around your meditation).

The Conscious app also includes some of my training programs (more coming) which you can sign up for and begin to learn more about your own energy and the power of your mind, and how to use it in a better way.

The app will be officially published soon in AppleStore and PlayStore, but until then, you can easily access it through your smartphone and browser.